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Therapeutic Dosage of Omega a few for youths & Adults

There is a lot that has been written about the benefits of Omega a few. All these benefits can help us only when we take the therapeutic dosage of Omega a few regularly. This article will discuss the therapeutic dosage of Omega a few and more.

Omega a few fatty acids are a family of polyunsaturated fats that are crucial for the healthy functioning of our body, learn more. These are also known as Essential fatty acids since they cannot be synthesized by our body and we need to get them from our diets or supplements.

The richest source of Omega a few is fish oil since they provide both DHA (Docosahexaenoic acid) and EPA (Eicosapentaenoic acid), the essential fatty acids that can be utilized by the body instantly.

The dosage of fish oil depends upon the health condition that needs to be treated or the result that one wants to achieve. Whatever be the dosage, it is important the fish oil you select is rich in both DHA & EPA.

Hoki fish found in the Southern oceans of New Zealand has naturally high DHA content. Being in the pristine waters of New Zealand the fish is also relatively free of toxins and pollutants. However, the manufacturers of this fish oil, use molecular distillation to ensure 100% purity and quality.

What is the Standard Therapeutic Dosage of Omega 3

Therapeutic dosage of Omega 3 basically refers to the right amount of omega a few fatty acids that we must consume in order to live a healthy life free of various diseases. However, for each individual the therapeutic dosage of omega 3 varies depending upon his/her health condition.

Fish oils that contain good amounts of both DHA and EPA can lower the triglycerides in blood and increase the HDL ‘good cholesterol’ levels. This helps in preventing and treating a variety of cardiovascular diseases. Essential fatty acids trigger the secretion of an enzyme that protects against breast, colon and prostate cancer.

Recent usage of Omega 3 fatty acids is related to Weight loss. Overweight people can shed extra pounds easily with the proper therapeutic dosage of Omega a few. Skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis and acne can also be treated successfully with the regular intake of Omega three fatty acids.

Doctors and health practitioners all over the world recommend the consumption of Omeg

a a few to treat mental disorders such as depression, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease and memory loss.

Just consult your physician for the therapeutic dosage of Omega a few that is right for you and problems such as varicose veins, join inflammation and blood clotting can be healed forever. Both DHA & EPA have blood thinning properties which enables better blood flow and prevents strokes and the blocking of arteries.

The general symptoms of omega three deficiency include brittle hair and nails, excessive fatigue, dry & itchy skin, heart problems, blood clotting, lack of focus, severe depression or frequent joint pain. However, each of these symptoms need to be treated differently and require different doses of fatty acids.

More than thousands of health agencies and researches recommend consumption of fish oils but their standards for the therapeutic dosage of Omega a few differs. The National Institute of Health suggests approx. 650mg of fish oil to be consumed daily; whereas the American Heart Association recommends 650 – 1000 mg per day.